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HLTA Three Day Development Programme

Course Description:Many schools now have HLTAs as a key part of their staffing structure.  They provide stability through staff absence, flexibility through their knowledge of the school and facilitate the release of colleagues for CPD.  However, it is not often that they themselves are in a position to benefit from such professional development.  This three day programme reviews the HLTA standards and focuses on fine-tuning the many skills required of an effective HLTA.  It is suitable for those who have already received their HTLA status as well as those who are in the process of applying.  Based in school, part of the training will include learning walks in the classrooms.

Course Aims:

·       Review the HLTA standards

·       Develop strategies for positive behaviour management

·       Explore differentiation through questioning

·       Cultivate the use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) to monitor and assess learning in the classroom

·       Understand how to facilitate inclusivity for pupils with SEND

·       Consider how a Growth Mindset can help the teaching and the learning

·       Extend repertoire of taking children deeper in their learning

·       Establish approaches to further professional development


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