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Case Studies

Catherine  has a  BA Hons in Law (2.1).  She worked with a law firm for 4 years and then decided to train to teach.  Her A for ‘A’ Level Maths had given her a good basis for enhancing her subject knowledge and she did a 28 week full time, face to face, SKE before the start of her training year.  She quickly established herself as an outstanding trainee and the school in which she was based for most of her training offered her a job at the end of the programme.  She made such excellent progress in the final term of her training that she began her NQT year with a paid responsibility for raising the attainment of disadvantaged pupils.

Alison has a degree in Communications but has also taken a number of accountancy exams and worked in various finance departments.  She applied to us for a School Direct Salaried Maths place and did exceptionally well in the subject knowledge section of the interview process.  We were so impressed by her that we offered her a TA post for the six months leading up to the start of the programme with the Maths Department in the school with which she will have a contract.  This means she will be able to observe outstanding Maths teaching and begin to create her own portfolio of resources and teaching ideas.  She will also continue to develop her understanding of the KS3 and KS4 curriculum with our support.

Steve had been self-employed as a children’s entertainer for some years.  During this time, he studied Maths with the Open University and achieved a first-class Honours degree.  He is proving to be a confident and inspiring teacher.  He was one of the first of our 2014-2015 cohort of trainees to secure a job in a Hampshire school for September.

Julia was a police officer for seven years, both on the beat dealing with challenges such as anti-social behaviour in town centres on a Saturday night and in CID.  She decided she wanted to see the more positive side of human nature and applied for a primary training place with us.  She brought her considerable people skills to the training programme and she is well on her way to being graded as an outstanding trainee at the end of the programme.

Emily  worked in catering for some years before having a family.  As soon as her children were old enough to go to school, she volunteered in a local secondary school as a food technician.  They quickly saw her potential and employed her as an unqualified teacher.  She took every opportunity to develop her skills in graphics as well and has secured a School Direct Salaried D&T place for 2015-2016.  She has done a 16 week SKE which will be a blend of on-line and face to face training before the start of the programme.