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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme, trainees will gain QTS and a PGCE.  Trainees will also show that they:

  1. have high expectations of all pupils, treat them with appropriate respect, consistency and consideration
  2. demonstrate and promote positive values, attitudes and behaviour
  3. are aware of their professional responsibilities and take responsibility for their own professional development
  4. can work with others to promote the learning and welfare of young people
  5. can adopt a reflective and critical stance towards their own practice, policy initiatives and listen to and act upon advice
  6. have a secure knowledge and understanding of their specialist subject (for secondary trainees)
  7. know the relevant curriculum frameworks within which they teach and be able to apply these effectively
  8. are able to use assessment to promote learning and develop their teaching
  9. know how to handle classes effectively to maximise learning
  10. know how to take account of the needs of all learners
  11. are able to plan and teach lessons that engage and interest pupils and allow them to make appropriate progress
  12. are able to draw upon research evidence and professional practice critically to inform their teaching and to underpin their teaching approach (PGCE)

All the Aims and Learning Outcomes are explicitly linked to the Teachers’ Standards.

Ultimately the development of the trainee will be shaped by a range of perspectives – in two different schools working with different priorities and different people. Through schools and through other aspects of the training programme, trainees will work towards becoming strong professionals as teachers. 


When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.
Dalai Lama