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Ofsted Inspection Report

Inspection dates

Stage One Inspection: June 2016

Stage Two Inspection: November 2016

Inspection judgement

Grade 1 : Outstanding

This is outstanding provision.  At every level and in every way, highly effective leaders have created a teacher training programme which regularly produces extremely proficient teachers who 'hit the ground running' when they begin their careers as NQTs.


Overall effectiveness : How well does the partnership secure consistently high quality outcomes for trainees?

1 - Outstanding

The outcomes for trainees

1 - Outstanding

The quality of training across the partnership

1 - Outstanding

The quality of leadership and management across the partnership

1 - Outstanding


The key strengths of the partnership

  • Outstanding recruitment and selection procedures which mean that only the very best candidates join the programme.
  • Outstanding training that results in trainees who are well prepared for life in school and develop the necessary resilience for a prolonged career in teaching.
  • Outstanding quality assurance procedures which mean that any emerging issues are identified quickly and addressed as soon as possible.
  • Highly effective training for physical education reflecting the partnership's success in developing a reputation for recruiting and training outstanding physical education teachers.
  • Trainees' strong subject knowledge which they are able to apply well so that pupils make good or better progress.
  • Trainees' high regard for the extremely well-led and managed programme.
  • The focused care and support provided for any trainees facing personal challenges which enables them to complete the programme successfully.