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Specific Learning Difficulties

  • Does your written work match your verbal ability?
  • Were you late walking, talking etc?
  • Did you have Speech & Language Therapy?
  • Did you have glue ear and/or grommets fitted?
  • Did you have a 'lazy eye' or similar problems?
  • Do other members of your family have Dyslexia?
  • Is black print on white paper difficult to read?
  • Do you take longer than peers to complete tasks?
  • Do you have short-term memory problems?
  • Did you have difficulties with multiplication tables?
  • Do you confuse numbers e.g. PINs and passwords?

Your answers to the above questions may indicate that you have Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs):

  • DYSLEXIA - words
  • DYSPRAXIA - coordination
  • DYSCALCULIA - numbers
  • DYSGRAPHIA - handwriting
  • OR a combination of the above

There are a number of associations who can assist with these difficulties, explain their significance and suggest useful coping strategies.  For more information please contact the following:

British Dyslexia Association

Dyspraxia Foundation