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Subject Knowledge Development

The development of subject knowledge is a fundamental part of your overall development as a teacher.  In this programme, a number of training days are devoted to the development of curriculum subject knowledge.  Trainees should also undertake private study related to subject knowledge.

You will be asked to complete a Subject Knowledge audit before the programme begins and at three more points during the course so that we can track your progress and help you to close any gaps in your subject knowledge.

You will be given considerable support in developing your subject knowledge throughout the course.  Subject knowledge training is provided by Lead Subject Tutors through taught sessions and your Curriculum Mentor in school will work with you on a personalised training plan to ensure that your subject knowledge continues to develop throughout the course. 

If you feel your subject knowledge needs enhancing prior to commencing your training, please view our Subject Knowledge Enhancement page for further information.



All trainees join the programme with strong subject knowledge. During their training, they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to teach their subject specialism well.
Ofsted - Nov 2016
Subject tutors provide inspirational 'subject days'.
Ofsted - Nov 2016
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