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Training and assessment for QTS & PGCE

During the year, you will spend the majority of your time in your home school where you will be working closely with your mentor and other key colleagues who will be able to support your professional development.  

Preparation and assessment

The University of Winchester delivers aspects of training and provides academic support with the preparation, assessment and moderation of (PGCE) assignments.

Trainees will be awarded Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Masters level.

University of Winchester

We are in partnership with the University of Winchester which has an excellent track record of initial teacher training.  We have created a training package which is tailored to maximise the strengths of both school and university training. From the very start of your training, you will be part of the teaching team in your school. Your programme will include training days across a number of schools in the Hampshire LEARN SCITT Partnership, training in your own school, subject specialist days led by outstanding practitioners and personalised training. Expert support by experienced mentors and tutors will help you to develop and refine your teaching skills.

Programme specification

Note: Programme Specifications are not legal contracts but are intended to provide informative guidance to all stakeholders.

  1. Awards: QTS and Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Masters level)
  2. Awarding Institution/Body for QTS:  Hampshire LEARN SCITT Partnership
  3. Awarding Institution/Body for PGCE: University of Winchester
  4. Teaching Institutions:  LEARN Alliance Partner Schools and the University of Winchester