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Training Programme

This is a one year programme designed to enable you to meet the Teachers’ Standards as well as gain an academic award, the Postgraduate Certificate in Education.  Our Primary programme covers the 5-11 age range.  For the Secondary programme, most of our partner schools are 11-16 and if our our trainees are based solely in those schools, they are assessed as meeting the Teachers' Standards in that age range.  However, in 2018-2019, depending on their subjects, some of the trainees will be based for part of their training in a sixth form college and those trainees will be assessed on an 11-18 programme.  The training programme combines school experience with Professional Studies and Subject Knowledge Development.  The combination of school experience and academic study enables you to link theory with practice, helping you to develop as a reflective practitioner.  You will receive a minimum of 60 training days during your training year. 

Non-salaried training programme

Although your training is based in a school, you are not employed by a school, and in many ways your training will be similar to training programmes in universities and colleges. You will pay fees but you might be eligible for funding through tuition fee loans, training bursaries or scholarships.

Salaried training programme

If you are a graduate and have been working for around three years, School Direct (salaried) is available exclusively for you. You'll be based at a school, have a contract with that school and earn a salary during your training. 

Distinctive features

This is a school-based ITT programme offered by the Hampshire LEARN SCITT Partnership, leading to QTS and PGCE (awarded by the University of Winchester).  All other training is provided by LEARN Alliance partnership schools.  The quality of provision is assured by the Hampshire LEARN SCITT Partnership.   Trainees register with the Hampshire LEARN SCITT Partnership at the beginning of September. Training will be in LEARN Alliance schools.


Outstanding training that results in trainees who are well prepared for life in school and develop the necessary resilience for a prolonged career in teaching
Ofsted - Nov 2016
Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.
Albert Einstein