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What our trainees say about us

What our current trainees had to say about their induction for the 2017 - 2018 programme

  • The entire induction was wonderful, with clear and insightful introductions into all aspects of teaching.
  • Amazed at the consistently high standard across all experts with regard to relevant/succinct information delivered in an interesting way.
  • Staff spoke with true passion.
  • Very valuable information expertly delivered.
  • The expertise from trainers/teachers has been superb.
  • Invaluable tips and thought provoking.

What last year's trainees had to say about their induction

  • Excellent start to the year.  Very engaging considering the amount of information to get through in three days.
  • It has been a great three days with opportunities to get to know the other trainees.  Interactive sessions gave an opportunity to think for yourself rather than just being talked at.
  • Really impressed with all the speakers.  Every presentation was delivered with expertise and each presenter had brilliant knowledge.
  • Really insightful, useful and accessible information pitched perfectly.  Particularly enjoyed the more interactive sessions/workshops.  All presenters instilled confidence and assurance and were thoroughly engaging.  Thank you for alleviating fear!
  • All of the training received has been extremely consistent and very informative.  I have learnt a large volume of useful practice which I hope to be able to use in my teaching to a good standard or more.  I have also found it very supportive.
  • I have learnt so much already and it has really made me think about my approach to every aspect of teaching.  I feel I have come away with so much knowledge and information.

Quotes taken from induction day questionnaires

How did you hear about the Hampshire LEARN SCITT Partnership?

  • Your current trainees at my workplace recommended it.
  • Recommendation from a teacher relative.
  • Through researching teacher training courses online.
  • Working in a partnership school as an LSA.
  • University lecturer.
  • Train to Teach event.

What prompted you to apply with the Hampshire LEARN SCITT Partnership?

  • Really positive comments from trainees and NQTs.
  • I'd heard of it's fantastic reputation.
  • Word of mouth about the excellent training it provides.
  • A more personal experience, easy to ask for help.
  • Reputation – impressed with the entire system: size, support, friendliness.
  • Gaining QTS and PGCE.
  • Recommendation by a Head Teacher.
  • Excellent schools within the partnership.
  • I loved their ethos towards education and their trainees.

If you received multiple offers, what made you choose Hampshire LEARN SCITT Partnership?

  • The experience, organisation and staff.
  • The support on offer.
  • The partnership schools.
  • Excellent employment records.
  • I really liked the ethos, leadership and nurturing culture.
  • The quality of the course.
  • The outstanding Ofsted rating.
  • It seemed the most professional and organised.
  • I felt both comfortable and challenged by the interview and felt excited by the high standards of the scheme.
  • I declined future interviews with alternative providers as the provision seems so impressive.

A range of comments on our weekly training days:

  • Great balance of information and interaction.
  • Another excellent and inspiring day.
  • Excellent day of training and extremely relevant and useful for teaching next week.
  • All speakers incredibly enthusiastic and inspirational, reminding me of the reasons I want to enter a career in teaching.
  • Lots of information but presented in a brilliant fashion.
  • Fabulous input today – there is a huge amount of information being supplied.
  • Fantastic practical strategies which can be applied in a classroom.
  • Wonderful!
  • Incredibly helpful and well-structured.
  • Subject knowledge from lead teacher was phenomenal.
  • I found this training really helpful in developing my confidence and giving me areas of improvement.
  • Daunting to realise just how high we need to aim to reach a certain level of teaching excellence, but inspiring all the same.
  • Truly great day.  Lots of very useful information, tips and further research without feeling too overwhelming.
  • Fun, interactive and informative.
  • All round excellent training day.
  • The training today was exceptional.
  • Really positive experience.
  • As always the speakers were excellent and have left my head swimming with ideas to incorporate in my planning and lessons.
  • Was really impressed that every presenter not only explained how to do things but actually gave real solutions/ideas on how to do it.
  • Brilliant day.



I believe that the school-centred approach to initial teacher training is the most beneficial of options open to prospective trainee teachers and would recommend the Hampshire LEARN SCITT programme without hesitation. I have high ambitions for my career in teaching and know that I am in the best position I can be because of the support and guidance this programme has given me.
Trainee: 2016 - 2017