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Newly Qualified Teachers

Qualified Teacher Status

An NQT cannot undertake statutory induction (or a period of employment counting towards induction) unless they have been awarded QTS. Headteachers/principals and appropriate bodies must check with the National College for Teaching and Leadership that the individual holds QTS.

A suitable post for induction

In order for the NQT to serve induction the headteacher/principal and appropriate body must first agree that the post is suitable for this purpose. The headteacher/principal of the institution in which an NQT is serving an induction period, and the appropriate body, are jointly responsible for ensuring that the supervision and training of the NQT meets their development needs. The duties assigned to the NQT and the conditions under which they work should be such as to facilitate a fair and effective assessment of the NQT’s conduct and efficiency as a teacher against the relevant standards. In particular a suitable post must:

  • have a headteacher/principal to make the recommendation about whether the NQT’s performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory;
  • have prior agreement with an appropriate body to act in this role to quality assure the induction process;
  • provide the NQT with the necessary employment tasks, experience and support to enable them to demonstrate satisfactory performance against the relevant standards throughout and by the end of the induction period;
  • ensure the appointment of an induction tutor with QTS;
  • provide the NQT with a reduced timetable to enable them to undertake activities in their induction programme;
  • not make unreasonable demands upon the NQT;
  • not normally demand teaching outside the age range and/or subject(s) for which the NQT has been employed to teach;
  • not present the NQT, on a day-to-day basis, with discipline problems that are unreasonably demanding for the setting;
  • involve the NQT regularly teaching the same class(es);
  • involve similar planning, teaching and assessment processes to those in which other teachers working in similar substantive posts in the institution are engaged; and
  • not involve additional non-teaching responsibilities without the provision of appropriate preparation and support.  In addition, the governing body must be satisfied that the institution has the capacity to support the NQT and that the headteacher/principal is fulfilling their responsibilities.

Ensuring a reduced timetable

In a relevant school, the headteacher must ensure an NQT has a reduced timetable of no more than 90% of the timetable of the school’s existing teachers on the main pay range to enable them to undertake activities in their induction programme. This is in addition to the timetable reduction in respect of planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA) that all teachers receive. NQTs in independent schools, academies and free schools, BSOs, independent nursery schools and FE colleges must also have a reduced timetable on a comparable basis.