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Supply Teaching

This page aims to provide clarification on the eligibility to carry out short-term (less than one term) supply teaching as an NQT and other posts which cannot be counted towards induction.

To avoid NQTs teaching for an indefinite time without undergoing or completing induction DfE regulations state that an NQT may only do short-term or casual supply work for 5 years from the date they have been awarded QTS before beginning or continuing induction.

A qualified teacher who gained QTS on or after 1 September 2007, who has not completed an induction period, can undertake short-term supply work of less than one term in a relevant school for a maximum period of 5 years from the point of award of QTS. This is a fixed time limit with no discretion to extend. Short-term supply placements of less than one term, or equivalent, cannot count towards induction, as such posts will not provide an NQT with the breadth of experience, support and assessment necessary to enable them to demonstrate their performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory. Once the 5 years have passed the NQT is then not allowed to teach in a maintained school or non-maintained special school until s/he takes a post that will count towards induction.

The Headteacher/Principal or supply agency is responsible for ensuring that a teacher who has not satisfactorily completed an induction period is eligible to carry out short-term supply work.

It is not possible to backdate the start of an induction period if a short-term supply contract is extended beyond one term. However, and induction programme must be put in place immediately it becomes clear that the extended contract will continue for a further term or more.

If an NQT takes a post for the equivalent of a term or more which involves regularly teaching the same class(es), teaching the whole primary curriculum (if in a primary school) and planning for, reporting on and assessing those classes, even if part-time and even if through and agency, the school must commence induction.